Effective immediately, Lucas Roasting Company is now giving our online customers the choice of receiving our fresh-roasted coffee in 2 different types of bags…in the 1-pound size, to start.

The 2 options are:

Biodegradable – Kraft paper bags that will completely disintegrate upon removing the tin-tie and front label

Poly-lined – Barrier resistant bags with valve, typically found on grocery store shelves, heat and vacuum sealed.

The differences in coffee storage can be drastic if not used quickly, upon receiving your shipment.  LRC recommends the Poly-lined bags for any coffee which may not be consumed within a 2-week time frame, or which may be purchased for a gift to give to someone else.  The Biodegradable bags are best served for people buying small quantities of coffee and using the purchase pretty quickly.  If you desire, the Biodegradable bags may be chosen for your purchase, and you may wish to store your coffee in another tightly sealed container in your home.

Why the change???

It’s simple, LRC is bringing in some of the most sustainably grown coffees from around the world, with much emphasis on 100% farm self-containment, where natural waste products are transferred back into usable material for enriching the Earth.  We have followed the industry lead in using the plastic products to promote freshness, in the past, but as we adhere to our principle of fresh-roasting for you…this conversion to a greener way of packaging just makes sense to us.  We hope it also makes sense for you, our customers!

All the Best!

Lucas Roasting Company