Brazil “Sitio Mortadella” Coffee

Chocolate, orange and caramel are the pronounced flavors in this delicious natural processed Brazil with an emphasis on the lingering sweet caramel note.  Truly a delightful Brazilian coffee!

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Eldo Barros, or “Mortadella” to those in his community, is a coffee producer from the Posses community in the Campestre region of Minas Gerais. His nickname (and name of his farm) comes from his childhood habit of only eating the “mortadella” out of sandwiches his mother gave him. Over the years, the name stuck, and he now prefers the name. The coffee from this estate is exclusively Yellow Catuai and is naturally-processed. Annual production is about 500 bags, and Mortadella is aided by his father Acacio and wife Elina.

This is a natural process coffee dried in the sun on patios, so the resulting fruity aroma and flavor are intensified from this raisining process.  The flavor comes through as a magnificent orange citrus mixed with milk chocolate and fading into a caramel sweetness to finish and linger.  This is a coffee that you’ll want to sit and savor.  The effort Eldo has put into this coffee shines fantastically in the cup!


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