CHEMEX Six-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker


One of the simplest ways to brew an incredible pour-over pot of coffee for you and/or a few friends.

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The design of the Chemex glass brewer is so simple, yet it produces some of the best coffee time after time. Why is the Chemex better than traditional coffee makers?

  • First, there is the internal portion of all those electric coffee makers on the market that is difficult to clean. The Chemex is all glass and easily cleanable after every use. A clean coffee maker makes better tasting coffee.
  • Over time, traditional coffee makers begin to regulate the water temperature at lower than desired levels. With the Chemex, you will boil water in a stove-top kettle and reach the desired water temp each and every time you brew.
  • YOU will be able to control the time of infusion by how you grind your coffee and how much water you pour on the grounds and how fast you pour. You can vary the coffee brewing until you get it just the way you desire…you don’t have that control on an electric coffee maker.
  • The paper filters for Chemex are thicker than traditional filters and they will make brewing go a bit slower. The resulting slower brew makes for a richer cup of coffee, overall.

Many people think that the latest gadgets on the market will make the “best” cup, but what we, the coffee experts, will tell you is that great coffee begins with the coffee and water you use, and commands you to take a bit of time honing in on brewing techniques. Once you master your preferred measure of ground coffee and the right grind size to the volume of water you’ll use, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried this sooner!

Coffee brewing doesn’t come any easier or any tastier than Chemex brewing!

*Filters are made especially for this brewing device and must be ordered seperately*

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