Handmade Mugs


These incredible mugs have each been hand made for Lucas Roasting Company by a personal friend of our company.  Amy Hess, owner of Clay Mason Studio, has been making pottery for many years, and her mugs will become a treasure in your collection of coffee mugs.  Multiple sizes and styles available as well as numerous colors from which to choose.




These beautiful handmade mugs are the creations of Clay Mason Studio and come in a wonderful assortment of colors and sizes.  Each mug is imprinted with the Lucas Roasting Company logo, establishment date of our company and has been hand thrown and fired by our good friend, Amy Hess.  Each mug is sure to give any user years of great use with your favorite Lucas Roasting Company coffees.

The mugs listed come in numerous sizes.  The tall mugs have more size selection than the round mugs, as they vary between 12 oz, 12 oz swirl and 16 oz.  The “swirl” designation indicates a flat rest on top of the handle for thumb placement.  The round mugs are all roughly 16 oz in size, except the large 18-22 oz.  All mugs are custom made, so once a mug with a quantity of 1 is sold, no backorders will be possible.  However, we will always plan to bring more mugs in at a later time similar to each product listed.

Because these mugs are also sold in our cafe, there is a possibility that our inventory could deplete just as you place your order for a mug online that just went out our cafe door.  In the event that happens, we will contact you to see about a replacement or refund as we know that the selection process for a mug that really speaks to you is very personal, and we want to ship you a product with which you will definitely be happy.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Mug Sizes

12 oz. tall, 16 oz tall, 16 oz tall swirl, 18-22 oz tall, 16 oz round

Mug Color

Green, Cream, Cosmic Blue, Oak Gold, Blue Brown, Mulberry


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