Clever Dripper / 1 lb Coffee Combo


Nothing brews one cup of coffee better than the Clever Dripper, and with this item, you even get your choice of 1 pound of some of our best-selling coffees.

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The Clever Dripper is one of the BEST single-cup coffee brewing devices on the market today. Instructions on how to easily use it to brew amazing coffee are included with the product on the box.

By selecting this product, not only do you get the 18-oz. Clever Dripper, but as an added bonus, we’ve included several of our top-selling coffee blends to choose from.

Included are your first pack of 100 #4 Filtropa white filters, which come from Holland and are some of the best coffee filters you can purchase, and refills can be purchased anywhere selling paper coffee filters (like your local supermarket). Re-usable metal filters may also be used.

Take advantage of a little bit of savings by ordering these two items together as the combo, and prepare to be amazed at what a great single-cup of coffee tastes like with whatever coffee you choose to use.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in
Coffee Blend Selections

Brazil DECAF (Ground), Brazil DECAF (Whole Bean), Colombia DECAF (Ground), Colombia DECAF (Whole Bean), Costa Rica (Ground), Costa Rica (Whole Bean), Ethiopia Sidamo (Ground), Ethiopia Sidamo (Whole Bean), French Blend (Ground), French Blend (Whole Bean), Guatemala (Ground), Guatemala (Whole Bean), Italian Roast (Ground), Italian Roast (Whole Bean), Papua New Guinea (Ground), Papua New Guinea (Whole Bean), Sumatra (Ground), Sumatra (Whole Bean), Wicked Dark Sumatra (Ground), Wicked Dark Sumatra (Whole Bean), Wind and Water (Ground), Wind and Water (Whole Bean), Winnipesaukee Sunrise Blend (Ground), Winnipesaukee Sunrise Blend (Whole Bean)