Aeropress Go Coffee Brewer


The only single cup coffee brewer you’ll ever need! Take the Aeropress Go with you wherever life takes you, and make amazing coffee anywhere.

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The Aeropress Go may be the only coffee brewer you ever use again for home and travel.

Aeropress has reconfigured their original amazing coffee brewer to be a little more compact in the Go model.  The brewing chamber, stirring device and coffee scoop fits conveniently in its very own BPA-free cup which is capped by a flexible rubber topper to hold everything together in a compact unit.  Also included is a small sleeve for up to about 30 filters, and that tucks neatly inside the flexible cap against the brew screen.

Overall, the redesign makes this amazing brewer perfect for all kinds of backcountry activities. Just toss the unit in your backpack or rucksack with a backpacking stove and set out for adventure. This unit will also tuck into any carry-on or checked luggage bag so you can enjoy awesome coffee on trips instead of counting on bad hotel coffee.  Each unit comes with 350 filters to get you started.

At home, out in the field, at the office…its possibilities are endless, and your coffee will have never tasted better!

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