Blue Ridge Breakfast Blend Coffee

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A great Island Blend coffee that has nice depth, smooth character, and a bit of brightness to start your morning right every day.

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The Blue Ridge Mountains offer daily beauty as the sun rises and sets over this magestic mountain valley. This blend of Southeast Asian Island coffees truly offers a perfect blend of bright and dark character while remaining smooth from start to finish – just like we hope all of your days are!

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2 reviews for Blue Ridge Breakfast Blend Coffee

  1. [email protected]

    Blue Ridge tops our list of favorites for an everyday/everyone coffee – very smooth, rich flavor. Brews nicely as a drip coffee or deeply in the French Press.

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I was involved in an on line discussion about brewing methods, coffee grinders, etc. One person in the discussion asked this self admitted “coffee snob” what kind of coffee I would recommend. Here’s what I said:
    “The “best” coffee is difficult to describe because we all have different tastes. I have a lot of friends that like dark roast coffee. I prefer a medium roast coffee. That being said, small batch roasters usually roast the best coffee as opposed to the high volume roasters. It is more of a boutique process. The best coffee I have tasted (and the only coffee I use) is from Lucas Roasting Company in Broadway, Virginia. He roasts his coffee in a small building behind his home. He is also very involved with the growers, trying to assure they can sustainably survive. The conglomerates often profit at the great expense of the small growers, he does not. He ships all over the country. His name is Troy Lucas, I know him personally and consider him a friend.
    You can read about his business and learn about his coffees at his web site. He offers single-sourced coffees and blends from all over the world in all kinds of roast profiles. Like I said, I prefer the medium roast and here are my two favorites from Troy:
    #1 is Blue Ridge Breakfast Blend. It is, said simply, the best coffee I have ever tasted:…/blue-ridge-breakfast-blend-…/
    #2 is Wind & Water Blend. It is just slightly darker roast than BRBB but is still well within the medium roast profile:…/wind-water-blend-coffee/
    Troy roasts the coffee to order and ships immediately. You can order whole bean or tell him how you want it ground (I recommend whole bean and grinding your own just before making the pot of coffee).
    I think so highly of Troy’s coffees that I have no reservation about recommending them. I’m just a customer, I have nothing to gain except to see a friend prosper.”

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