Coffee of the Month – Dark Roast (1 to 5 lb/month) Subscription

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A no-hassle way to receive a changing assortment of LRC dark-roast coffees on a monthly basis, OR your favorite dark-roast, month after month, with a little bit of savings built into the price.


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By choosing this product you will receive LRC’s “Dark Roast Coffees of the Month” for as long as you remain signed up for this subscription. The assortment of coffee will include ONLY our caffeinated dark roast varieties of coffee rotated throughout the year.  Please note that you may select one specific dark roast that you know you love, or you may choose the selection that indicates you want us to rotate the dark roast of the month and send you our various dark roasts throughout your subscription.

Each month, a new coffee will arrive at your door, 1,2,3 or 5 pounds, shipping included! Coffee will ship near the same day, each month, as when your first order is placed.  Every selection will always be roasted fresh and delivered to your door within days for the absolute best flavor we can offer you, and this subscription will also entitle you to any and all “premium” selections of coffee that we may bring into our roasting facility.

You may opt out of this subscription at any time with no penalties for doing so. You need simply “opt out” at any monthly billing cycle, and you are welcome to rejoin the subscription at any time thereafter. It’s that simple!


Additional information

Weight 5.11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

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Grind (Coarse to Fine)

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Dark Roast Selection

French Blend (monthly), Italian (monthly), Wicked Dark Sumatra (monthly), Wind and Water (monthly), Rotation of All Dark Roasts (monthly)


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