Direct Trade Rwanda “Gatare Station” Coffee

A limited release direct trade Rwanda that has been brought to us by Yego Coffee.  This vibrant fully-washed Rwanda has notes of lemon, strawberry, and milk chocolate at a dark medium roast, and the acidity reminds everyone that this coffee is boldly from Africa.  More details inside this listing telling about the farmers and the region that have grown this excellent coffee.

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This direct trade coffee comes to Lucas Roasting Company through Yego Coffee and owner Francois Tuyishime.  We have roasted this washed Rwanda to a dark medium roast, and the resulting lemon, strawberry and milk chocolate notes that are expressed still have the solid acidity and base that lets you know this is definitely an African coffee.  The story of Yego Coffee and information about the origin in which it was grown follows.

About Yego Coffee

Yego is a Boston-based coffee company founded in 2019 by Francois Tuyishime. The word “Yego” is from Kinyarwanda and it means “Yes.” The word can be seen as a simple word, but this means a lot to Mr. Tuyishime. This word in Rwanda is a symbol of positivity and affirmation. The positivity that allowed us to overcome the darkness we passed through in 1994 during the genocide against the Tutsi. It is that mindset of positivity that allowed our family and communities to restore our hope where there was nothing left.

At Yego Coffee, we understand that behind every cup of coffee there are two people, the hard working farmer and our valued customer. Our mission is to pay those farmers the top price as we provide our customers with high quality coffee at an affordable cost. This is possible because we source our coffee from farm to cup. 

About Francois

(Francois delivering coffee at Lucas Roasting Company)

Francois Tuyishime was born and raised in the western province of Rwanda. His home village is one of the many communities that were ravaged by the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994. At six years old, Mr. Tuyishime survived the Genocide by hiding in the famous Mibizizi Parish in Rusizi.

Coffee business has been part of Tuyishime’s family for over four decades. As a boy, he grew up seeing his father in coffee farms working alongside the farmers providing a sustainable income for his family. He instilled this same drive into his son to not only use coffee for income, but also as a tool to build and support communities.


  •  Location: Nyamasheke district
  • Altitude: 1542m-1857m
  • Annual Rainfall: 1200mm – 1300mm
  • Coffee process: fully washed and Natural
  • Water source: Natural spring

Gatare washing station is located in Nyamasheke district. Most farms are located in localities that surround Kivu lake and a few miles from the Nyungwe forest. The region is generally known as Kivu belt and Nyungwe edge.

Gatare washing station is more than a business. We call it a family. Within 25 permanent employees, more than 20 of them are in the organization for more than a decade. It is for that reason Gatare washing station has been a place where we conduct most of our research and trials of the new coffee process. Gatare station was the first station to produce the natural and honey process in our company. Believe me, we are the best in those processes.

Since 2009 when we started operating in the area, we work very closely with farmers to increase the production and improve the quality of the bean by providing financial and technical support without forgetting planting new trees.




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