Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Peaberry Coffee


This Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Peaberry is an exceptional light-roast with notes of milk chocolate, strawberry and lemon, and it has been sourced responsibly by our friends at Benchmark Coffee Traders to include all the positive social impact we look for at the farm level.

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This Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Peaberry has been sourced through our friends at Benchmark Coffee Traders and is one of the cleanest, most flawless coffees we have ever received.  The predominant notes presented in this light-roast are milk chocolate, strawberry and lemon, with a complex syrupy body and heavy mouthfeel.  Though the Peaberry beans look a bit darker than light-roast, they have only been carefully roasted to a City roast with no second crack during the roasting process.  The resulting cup is vibrant and full of flavor, and many brewing processes may be enjoyed to create a delicious cup.  We like the Aeropress.

Location: Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands Province
Altitude: 1500 MASL
Soil type: Volcanic
Shade trees: Albiza, Casuarina, Old-growth
Predominant Varietal: Typica
Main crop period: May to October/November

Benchmark Coffee Traders distributes high quality green coffees from Sigri Estate in Papua New Guinea. They have direct family ties with these coffee producers and work closely with them to bring their beautiful coffees to roasters in America. They support a strong social agenda that provides free housing, free healthcare, and free schooling to the coffee pickers and farmers who work tirelessly to help produce these unique coffees.

All coffee bearing the Sigri name is grown at over 4500 feet elevation. Sigri considers soil and water conservation as a priority and the estate is bird and eco-friendly. Bunum Wo employs a medium density shade strategy, using two types of shade trees. This promotes even ripening of coffee cherries and provides habitat for at least 90 species of birds. BSigri is a washed Arabica coffee that undergoes a rigorous wet factory process. Quality Control begins in the field; Cherries are hand-picked and carefully checked for uniformity; it must be red and fully ripe which allows for the correct balance of sugar and acid within the cherry. This selected cherry is then pulped on the day of picking.

A fermentation process follows, a period of three days broken every 24 hours by washing – but unlike many other coffees, the Sigri process follows this by total immersion in water for a further day. This balances the flavors. After sun-drying, the coffees are carefully conditioned for 21 days. This is followed by destoning, hulling, grading, densometric sorting, color sorting, and finally hand sorting.

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