Wicked Dark Sumatra Coffee 1-5 lb Monthly Subscription

From: $23.95 / month

Subscription service of 1 to 5 pounds of your favorite coffee delivered monthly to your door!

After many requests we finally crafted a Wicked Dark Sumatra that we know any Sumatra fan will love.  Deep syrupy body with bittersweet notes of dark molasses and hints of chicory.  It’s WICKED…in the best way possible!!!



A monthly subscription to our delicious dark-roast Sumatra! You choose your size.

We’ve been asked for a long time why we didn’t have a dark-roasted Sumatra.  With enough asking, we finally caved in to the requests and created this masterpiece that is already blowing local minds here in Alton, NH.

We’ve taken our Grade 1 Sumatra to a smoky French roast, and all kinds of transformation happened.  The resulting thick-bodied, syrupy coffee now has notes of an Earthy bittersweet dark molasses and hints of chicory.  For those loving the deep smoky “roast” notes of any coffee, you’ll get some of that, but the coffee itself is still shining in all its glorious flavor more than the “roasty notes” come through.

We’ve given this the first go with all the locals here in NH, and they’ve given this many thumbs up, so we hope you enjoy it, too!

  • Region: North Sumatra and Aceh
  • Elevation: 1,100 – 1,300 meters
  • Process: Wet-hulled


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