Brazil “Edson Tamekuni” Coffee

Butterscotch, caramel and toffee are the pronounced flavors in this delicious pulp natural processed Brazil from the Minas Gerais region.  Truly a delightful Brazilian coffee!

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His name is Edson Tamekuni. His farm is Vagrem Grande. He’s 35 years old and is on the move. He likes experimenting, and has a 98 hectare laboratory where he plays with varietals (Bourbon, Yellow Catui, Margogype), processing (honey, washed, naturals) and fermentation.

He is part of the new wave of coffee farmers who traveled to the cities for school or work, and who are now returning home, bringing with them the ideas and skills needed to promote specialty coffee from the farm. Aequitas is the name of a three farmer collective in the Cerrado Minerio region of Minas Gerais of which Edson is a part.

This amazing Brazil results in flavors of butterscotch, caramel and toffee at medium roast.  The body of this coffee is pronounced and solid with a depth of flavor that is sweet and the pulp natural preparation helps to bring out the subtle notes of lemon and apricot among all the other rich sweet flavors.

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