Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – 4.75


Delicious fruity light-roasted Ethiopian Sidamo coffee layered in decadent chocolate by Winnipesaukee Chocolates.  This collaboration is fantastically delicious!

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These incredible morsels of delicious chocolate and coffee have been carefully crafted by Winnipesaukee Chocolates in a process that takes over 10 hours per batch.

Light-roasted Ethiopia Sidamo is used for the coffee, and the extraordinary fruitiness of this coffee shines through the many layers of various decadent chocolates used to coat each bean.  The varieties of chocolate used have been carefully hand-selected by chocolatiers, Jonathan Walpole and Sally Cornwell, and the resulting flavor that melts in your mouth is fruity, sweet chocolate perfection.

As this item is extremely sensitive to heat, it can only be safely shipped from November to April, and is not recommended for shipping to addresses where the chocolate may be capable of melting in transit.

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Weight .30 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 in


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